Lara Brindamour, 2655 Hogan Montreal QC H2K 2T5 Canada


Merchant narrative:
On July 1, Lara Brindamour of Montreal Quebec orderd SARMs on, totalling $306.58. This order was quickly shipped, and then received by Lara Brindamour. About 10 weeks later the customer initiated a “fraudulent charge” action and her card was refunded by her bank. After we were notified, we tried 3 times to reach Lara Brindamour via email, including proof of delivery, an offer to refund her order, and a paylink for alternate payment, with no response each time. Based on the apparent fraud activity and lack of response to multiple inquiry, we consider Lara Brindamour a financial risk to merchants and other members within the CBL network.

Merchant: SARMTECH

Customer: Lara Brindamour

Contact: Phone: 1-514-416-9855, Email:

Location: 2655 Hogan, Montreal QC H2K 2T5, Canada

Shipped to: 7630 17e Ave, Montreal QC H2A 2S3, Canada

Order #: #26529

Order total $: $306.58

Disputed $: $306.58

Payment method: Card Type: Visa, Card Number: ending in x8016

Payment status: Refunded to customer by his/her bank

Description: 2 @ @ GW-501516 (Cardarine), 2 @ MK-2866 (Ostarine), 15 mg, 90 ct, 1 @ S-4 (Andarine), 25 mg, 90 ct, 1 @ FreeUp™ Testosterone Booster, 60 ct, 1 @ Priority Mail Express shipping ($68.75)

Order method: online sale (

Ordered: July 1, 2019, 5:01 pm MST

Paid: July 2, 2019, 12:27 pm MST

Shipped: July 8, 3:28 pm MST

Shipper, Method, Tracking #: USPS Priority Mail Express ##EP985094601US

Delivery proof:

Dispute initiated by customer: Sept 8, 2019
Bank action: Order amount refunded to customer

Customer contact: 
Sep 12, 1:23 pm MST – email to customer – no repsonse from customer
Sep 16, 11:12 am MST – email to customer – no repsonse from customer
Sep 16, 11:12 am MST -call and voice msg – no repsonse from customer
Sep 18, 1:11 pm MST – email to customer – no repsonse from customer